YES!! Graduation Day Has Finally Come!

17th September

Although I am just a dog I know how exciting this time of year is for HSC students, it marks the end of thirteen years of their school lives and the start of their adult life. But this year is especially exciting because, after dragging her HSC over two years due to illness and misadventure, MY PERSON HAS FINALLY GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL!!

I am VERY excited because it means that from now on I will never have to leave her side again! Even when she gets a job or goes to University/TAFE I will be able to go with her! Hooray! My Person, although she wanted to take me to High School with her, we decided that it would have been far too stressful because of all the younger and immature kids.

Congratulations to all HSC students who graduated this week! Good luck in the real world!


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