Antics Of Arlert The Autism Assistance Pup

Part 1

We should have learnt by now that Arlert, like a toddler, should never be let out of our sight. While he is adorable and cuddly and a big help during meltdowns the young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pup is your stereotypical little boy and cannot be trusted, he is in fact been given the nickname “Devil Child” because of his carefree and destructive nature.

Today, thanks to Arlert, was very exciting – and a little infuriating.

Half a block had been left, wrapped up and buried under a pile of clothes and other junk, on the lounge chair. But nothing is ever safe from Arlert, who is the master tracker.

When the room was empty, Arlert tracked down the rouge chocolate block and devoured it. All 100grams of chocolate, and he also had a fair go at the wrapper too.

Here is a little perspective: Arlert weighs about 5kg, and he ate 100g of chocolate, which is 2% of his body weight. If a person weighs 60kg, they would have to eat over a kilo of chocolate to eat as much as Arlert did today.

By the time Arlert arrived at our local vet he was climbing the walls because of the caffeine overload, like he had just drunk a hundred cups of coffee.

Arlert was fine in the end but he has certainly not learnt anything from his experience. We know this because the moment we were home he shot straight into the lounge room and licked up all the remaining chocolate crumbs off the floor.

More updates of Arlert’s antics coming soon. 🙂

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