My First Cinema Experience

26th September

It has been quite boring around here lately. My Person hasn’t been going to school and doesn’t have any sort of social life besides me and our family, so she hasn’t really left the house except to go grocery shopping.

So today we decided on a whim to go to the cinema. There was a movie playing that my Person had been putting off seeing because there was never anyone to go to with, but to hell with that! I wanted to go too.

We arrived quite early, because my Person was a little worried that we would have to justify my being there. But the only thing the man behind the counter said was, “Aw. What a beautiful dog”

In the theatre we found the disabled seating, we normally don’t use any disabled facilities because there are often other people who need it more than us. But there wasn’t anyone else using it so I got a nice big open space to lay in. My Person had a blanket for me to lay on so I didn’t accidentally lay in any sticky stuff (cinema floors are gross) and I got a tasty liver biscuit to snack on through the movie.

I was very well behaved during the movie, I slept through most of it though. Even when I accidentally got stepped on by an old man when he got up to take his grandson to the bathroom during the movie. And I wasn’t scared of the loud noises (it was an action movie) even though they made my Person jump.

After the movie had finished my Person and I waited until the theatre was almost empty to leave, it was pretty funny when the strangers who passed us as they realised that there was a dog in the theatre the whole time, they were very surprised. And when we were walking out of the theatre and down to the main exit we passed a little girl, she called to her father saying, “Daddy! Daddy! Look! There’s a dog behind you!” and her dad went, “That’s great…” and she went, “Look! Look! Look!” until he finally turned around. He was very shocked to actually find a dog behind him.

Hopefully this is something my Person and I can do more often. I like doing things with her and she wants to do more regular teenage things.

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