Accommodation Issue

2nd December 2015

Today my Person was booking the accommodation for our trip up to Father’s. And as you would know from my last post that trying to organise this trip has been nothing but disastrous so far. With the way things have been going we really shouldn’t have been surprised by the events of today.

One place my Person booked accepted animals, even in the cabins (which is unusual). Everyone was pretty happy with that. And it looks like a nice place too, so even better!

But the second place my Person tried to book didn’t take animals. After making the booking online and saying in the “additional comments” section that she will be bringing a service dog with her and that all the documents will be available on request my Person got a phone call from the Admin Lady.

The Admin Lady told my Person that rather than booking online she should have rung up to ask about the “Pet Friendly Rooms” that were available – these rooms were NOT mentioned on the website. My Person explained that I WASN’T a pet, and that legally I am considered medical equipment. This didn’t matter to the Admin Lady.

She INSISTED that we use the Pet Friendly Room, it wouldn’t have been a problem for my Person except that we had paid for a Twin Share room (two beds – one for my Person and one for Little Sister) and the pet room only had ONE bed. We explained that there were two people staying but the Admin Lady didn’t care.

She asked what breed I was and how much I weighed – Why? Why is that relevant? – Well apparently the Pet Friendly Room is only available for dogs who are UNDER 10kg. I weigh in around 30kg, I’m a big dog. Again my Person tried to explain that I WAS NOT A PET and that she wanted to stay in the room that we had booked.

The Admin Lady said that that wasn’t an option because of hygiene issues. What if the next people to use the room are allergic to dogs?! They’ll sneeze!

THAT’S why you won’t let us use the room we paid for?! Because someone MAY sneeze? DON’T YOU CLEAN THE ROOM AFTER SOMEONE HAS USED IT?!


This was very upsetting for my Person, so Mother took over after this.

Mother asked what the issue was and again the Admin Lady explained that we were required to use the Pet Friendly Room. Then the Admin Lady went on to say that new managers were taking over next week and they may have “different ideas” but at the moment that was her rule. Mother said that it has nothing to do with anyone’s “ideas” and it is actually the law.

And guess what?

As soon as the law was brought into it the Admin Lady changed the whole conversation!

Suddenly the Admin Lady was saying that it had nothing to do with me and that she was only calling to say that they didn’t have any Twin Share rooms available. WHAT?!

Mother said that the Admin Lady should check the online booking system because there were plenty of available rooms, and that we were cancelling our booking and that we want a full refund despite their policy because it was their “mistake”, not ours.

This was really the first time we have had our public access rights questioned and I won’t lie, it’s stressful. It is a horrible experience having your basic human rights challenged and denied by total strangers, but this is something every service dog and their handler goes through unfortunately.

Thankfully the next hotel Admin Man we spoke to was very friendly and helpful and more than accommodating.

I’m sorry that the last few posts have basically been rant posts, but things have been a little tough at the moment. I’m sure things will pick up soon but there may be a couple more of these posts coming.

Thanks for listening  🙂

2 thoughts on “Accommodation Issue

  1. Sorry to read about the issues you and your human has to deal with. It is most challenging and be frustrating at most. I have booked online with airlines trains hotels than afterwards give a courtesy call. Mostly with transporation too accommadate the seating and boarding. May one day our educating the public will ease in the near future. Keep doing what you do best. Taking care of your human.


    • It’s difficult here in Australia, very few people know the laws regarding service dogs but it is getting better (slowly – which can be frustrating at times). We usually make a habit of giving a courtesy call too but this lady didn’t even give us a chance, she rang us about ten minutes after we had booked online.
      Thanks for your support 🙂


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