Super Mega Exciting (and Terrifying) News!

27th January

Today we got some super exciting (and a little scary) news. My Person and I are still at Father’s house until mid-February, but when we get home we are MOVING OUT!

My Person has wanted to move out for a while but found it difficult because of a number of reasons. Anxiety being one of the biggest, but also a financial factor. We were lucky enough to get a Youth Allowance which will cover the rent and should still have enough left over to live on. My Person is studying at the moment (through TAFE) so that means she doesn’t have enough energy left to get a job, even a part-time one. But we are definitely working on it!

With the financial factor pretty much covered it was just the anxiety we needed to address. That’s where I come in. With me around my Person is never alone, I alert her to any weird noises and bark whenever a stranger comes to the door. So there is no need for my Person to be scared anymore.

The place we will be moving to is only small. It has two bed rooms but one will be for an office, there is a lounge room that will also be my dining area, a kitchen, and bathroom/laundry. There is a backyard and a clothes line. They allow pets and the rent is very reasonable.

It is still close by Mother’s house so that if anything goes wrong there is someone close by, but still far enough away for my Person to be completely independent.

My Person and I are very excited, though a little nervous. It’s a very big step for my Person but it is a good one, and probably the second one in getting her life back on track (getting me was the first one 🙂 ). We are also considering getting a cat because I get a bit lonely when I don’t have animal friends around, I’m so used to having cats and dogs and puppies around all the time, but we are still debating this.

When we move in we will be sure to post some photos.


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