My Family

Boof – an old Boxer Staffy cross. He was so used to having puppies around that he no longer reacted when I bit his ears or tail, or jumped and wrestled with him. Boof didn’t even mind when I slept in his bed or kennel on cold nights.

Jerry – a strange creature that had also been a rescue pet, taken in by my Family to catch mice in the feed shed. He was orange and fluffy and liked me when I was a baby, but not as much anymore. Cats are confusing creatures. When they wag their tails they are actually angry, and when they make funny noises it means they want to be left alone, and when they chase you it means they are really angry. Sometimes I still get confused.

Arlert – a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He is Little Sister’s autism support dog (future), at the moment he is only a pup but that doesn’t make him any less helpful during Little Sister’s meltdowns or other episodes.

Rain – an Australian Shepherd. She is an adorable but BIG puppy, she will be Mother’s future mobility dog. After seeing how much I have helped my Person, Mother thought having a service dog would be useful for herself.

Mother – she was sick most days and just stayed in bed. She couldn’t do much, but when I was around and wanted to play she would still throw the tennis ball for me. I would always bring it back to her because I knew she couldn’t get out of bed or the chair to get it. But sometimes when she was feeling better Mother would take me for a walk on the Golf Course across from our house. It was only ever a short walk but Mother always seemed happier after it.

Little Sister – she was like me in the way that she couldn’t understand what other humans said or the way they behaved. While others thought she was strange and stayed away from her I didn’t care. I was always very protective of Little Sister, because she always seemed so nervous around people. I meet her everyday at the school gates to walk her up the path to where my Family waits, just to make sure she gets there safely.

My Person – before I joined the family she never left the house. She was scared of other people and hated being alone. Although she had friends she never went out with them and couldn’t spend nights in other people’s homes, even her grandmother’s and father’s. Driving was difficult for her but she was too frightened to take the bus. And people would call her lazy, freeloader, and spoilt because she could not find work. My Person was also so sick that she could eat nothing but chicken soup and rice. She was tired, scared and unmotivated. But soon she started joining Mother and me on our walks, then she started taking me for walks by herself, and now she and I both attend Agility training together.

My Family suffer from Lyme Disease, which has manifested differently in each of them. Mother is affected by chronic fatigue, Little Sister’s presents like autism and my Person suffers agoraphobia. Some days are worse than others but I try my best to make these times bearable for my Family.

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