S#!T Said To Service Dog Handlers

This page is about real things that strangers have said and/or done to me while training/working with my service dog:

Man: “Are you training her?”

Me: “No. She’s my service dog”

Man: “Oh. Are you blind?” *waves hand in front of face*

Me: “…No”

Woman talking to husband/boyfriend: “Look how well behaved that dog is”

Man responds: “Yeah. Hey, what do you think would happen if we put this steak in front of it?”

Me: “…She would eat it”

Woman: “You are so good for doing this”

Me: “Thanks, but she’s actually my service dog”

Woman: *confused expression* “But you’re not disabled”

Child to mother: “Look! Doggy!”

Mother: “Yes. It’s a dog” *mother turns to me* “What type is it?”

Me: “She’s a psychiatric service dog”

Child to mother: “Why’s it here?”

Mother answers: “It’s being trained. It will help people who are afraid of other people, so they can go shopping”

Child: “….I like dogs”

Boy to his friend: “Ha. That dog has L plates!”

Man to store owner: “Why is that dog in here?”

Store owner: “It’s being trained”

Man: “For what?”

Owner: “It’s being trained to help disabled people”

Man: “But…. What can a dog do? It’s a dog. And who’s that kid with it?”

Owner: “Well. She’s the dog’s trainer”

Man: “But… she’s a kid”

**Bonnie and I walk past another dog with their handler sitting outside a café**

**Stranger dog rushes out and starts barking at Bonnie – dog is a Chihuahua mix**

Dog owner: *to dog* stop that. If you keep barking you’ll never make any dog friends. And you’re not supposed to bark at guide dogs.

Lady in support group: “I saw your dog and thought you were blind. But then I saw that you were filling out the survey and I thought… hm… maybe not”

Man: *staring at Bonnie* *makes clicking noise* “She’s in training right?”

Me: “Yes”

Man: *makes more clicking noises and clapping* she’s easily distracted isn’t she?

Me: “…Yes” (Thought: anyone would be if you clap in their face constantly)

Lady: “She’s so well behaved. How do you do that?”

Me: “Thirty hours of training a week”

**Waiting for the elevator in the Employment Office**

Boy whispering to his friend: “S#!T. Is that a drug dog?”

Bonnie: *sniff sniff*

Boy and friend: *shift a little further away from us**

Man: “You can’t bring your dog in here”

Me: “Yes I can. She’s a service dog”

Man: *as he’s walking away* “I’m just saying…”

**in support group meeting**

Me: *filling out forms*

Women: *baby voice, clapping*  C’m’ere little puppy! C’m’ere!

Bonnie: *looks at women, looks back at me*

Women: “Your mummy’s okay, come here!”

Bonnie: *not remotely interested in moving from her place at my feet*

Women: “Why won’t she come?”

Me: “She’s working”

Women: “Aww. She’s such a good dog”

**at cash register in grocery store**

Girl: “Cute dog. Who’s she for?”

Me: “Oh. She’s for me. She’s my service dog”

Girl: “Really?! Why? What’s she for? What does she do?”

Me: “Uh…”

Lady: *talking to misbehaving daughter* “See that dog? If you keep misbehaving that dog will eat you”

Child: “Not it won’t”

Lady: “Yes it will”

Bonnie: *sleeping on her side and snoring a little*

Lady: *grabs Bonnie’s top jaw* “Aren’t you so cute? You’re just like my dog”

Me: *speechless at Lady’s actions and a little scared of the lady*

Lady: *laughing* “You’re such a vicious pup aren’t you? Eating my fingers”

Lady: *comes up to pat Bonnie* “Aw! What a cute doggy! Sit… sit… sit…”

Bonnie: *doesn’t sit but enjoys the pats*

Lady: “Haha, I guess you don’t know that one?”

Child: *runs up to Bonnie* “Here, I can take the dog” *tries to take lead from me*

Child’s mother: “Oh no! Don’t do that!”

Me: “Don’t worry, it happens all the time”

Lady: *pats Bonnie* “Sit… sit… sit…”

Bonnie: *doesn’t sit*

Lady: *looks at me* “Your dog doesn’t know how to sit”

Me: “Yes she does”

Lady: “Sit… sit… Why isn’t she sitting?”

Me: “Well, she listens to me”

Lady: *walks away shaking her head disapprovingly* “Dogs should know to sit”

Little boy to his brother or friend: “Oh cool! A racing dog!”

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