Australia Day 2016

26th January

Today is Australia Day, or Invasion Day. But whatever your point of view Australia has a lot to celebrate. We certainly wouldn’t want to live anywhere else 🙂

The celebrations started early today, around 8AM. My Person and I only woke up at 7:45AM which gave us only fifteen minutes to get dressed and set up outside for the traditional Australia Day BBQ.

We had a lot of people over. Our Canadian neighbours and Irish neighbours, and some other Irish friends of theirs and some other family friends too.

There was a lot of food and drinks. The drinking actually started at 11AM but that is perfectly acceptable on Australia day, and it continued well into the night. There were all sorts of strange food, that aren’t usually Australia day foods. Like black and white pudding (kindly donated by our Irish neighbours) and fancy sausages (with herbs and spices – not the normal ones from Coles). But there was also nibblies, cheesecake and lamingtons (a must on Australia day).

We went swimming and played pool games. I was in charge of fetching the balls and toys that got thrown out of the pool. I was very happy with this job. We played Pictonary too. It was very, very funny. The funniest drawing of the day would be when someone got “obstetrician” as the thing they had to describe.

I also got to meet some new doggy friends. Madra and Skillos, two mastiff crosses that belong to our Irish neighbours. They usually don’t get along well with dogs they don’t know and I get a little silly around other dogs because I’m so excited. But they were fine with me, they barely paid any attention to me at all. And I was very good, I was on my best behaviour.

It was a very exhausting day, but a good one. I look forward to next year.